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Services include scanning, digital enhancement, and copy work from original photographs, negatives, slides, glass plate negatives. After scanning your photograph(s), I digitally remove dirt, scratches, dust, repair creases, fades, rips, water stains, and correct image color, contrast and exposure. Imperfect or damaged elements of the image are repaired and altered per your instruction.

From original color or black & white prints, negatives, slides, and glass plate negatives.

When you'd like to duplicate a favorite image, the size can be customized to your choosing. Price includes scanning and a finished print on professional photographic paper.

Larger or framed images can be copied but require studio set-up charges.

I specialize in custom black & white printing, everything is processed by hand relying on years of darkroom experience. Ilford glossy and pearl RC paper is processed in Sprint chemistry. I can print any size negative in the darkroom up to 4 x 5, negatives larger than 4 x 5 are scanned to make a digital print.

Fiber-based paper is available; add 100% to standard paper price.

Black & white film is processed in D-76, developer and Sprint Stop Bath, Fixer & Fixer Remover.

I scan or set up studio lights and photograph one dimensional artwork. From printings, to prints and other original pieces, I create a digital portfolio. Great way to preserve your artwork on a handy CD or flash drive. If you'd like quality copies of your artwork, I work from the studio files. I also upload and submit images to on-line juried shows or art competitions.

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